Business Informal Proposal

I’m working on a Communications exercise and need support.


Writte a proposl to a manager whi has a target audience of business students (Check Page 483 to 488)

You want the manager i chose your proposal over the others

The Parts required in this proposal are: – INFORMAL PROPOSAL

1) Introduction

2) Background, Problem and Purpose

3) Proposal, Plam amd Schedule

4) Staffing

5) Closing


** The Problem need to be realed to CHAPTER 8 (It will be attached later) – related to bad communications, customer service, etc different issues tha are evaluated in this Chptaer. We need to point one and develop the proposal to solve the problem

** Discuss extra research that give the xpertise to teach other how to solve the problem?Check Pag 485-486

** Include survey supporting the plan

** The Proposal Plan can be a training for example


2 to 3 Pages well developed

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