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Our bodies are products of culture as well as of nature. All cultures modify, decorate, and/or reshape their bodies. When you encounter another person, health and attractiveness are two of the first visual aspects that you assess. That behavior is usually unconscious and is driven by very basic mating-related instincts, but how we assess what we see – Would this person make a fit and attractive mate? – depends on what culture tells us is healthy and desirable.

  1. In your first post, respond to the following:
    • How does social media influence our attitudes towards health and attractiveness? Please offer examples.
    • Compare and contrast attitudes towards health and attractiveness between two different groups or geographical locations within the US.
    • Would we be correct to assume that all cultures find the body ugly and in need of adornments and adjustments to make it acceptable? Please explain your answer.
    • Speaking of adornments, do you have any body art (piercings, tattoos, etc.)?
      • If you do, at what age(s) did you decide to get your body art and why? If you do not have any body art, would you ever get any? Why or why not?
      • Do you think a time will come when body art (visible tattoos and facial piercings, for example) will be accepted as part of a professional look for healthcare providers? Why or why not?
  2. Post responses to at least two classmates in which you share thoughtful comments on at least one of their perspectives and/or offer alternative views. Please also respond to any questions asked of you.

Post the complete URL (e.g., of any websites used to find information for your post(s).

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