Big Als Pizza, Inc. needs a cash budget for year 3 and has provided you with the following information.

Big Als Pizza, Inc. needs a cash budget for year 3 and has provided you with the following information. Sales are all on account and are estimated to be collected over a three-month period, with 70 percent collected in the month of sale, 25 percent collected in the next month and 4 percent collected in the third month. The remaining1 percent is estimated to be uncollectible. December and November sales from the previous year were $201,638 and $185,000 respectively. Because of the lag in collecting cash from sales on account, Big Als delays payment on some of its purchases of materials. Big Als estimates that 60 percent of each months material purchases are paid in the month of purchase and 40 percent in the following month. The accounts payable balance for materials at the end of the previous year was $20,000. Big Als also requires a minimum balance of $40,000 in cash at the end of each month. The company will use its line of credit when needed to bring the balance up to that minimum level. For any money borrowed, the interest rate is 6 percent compounded annually. For simplicity, you can assume that cash is borrowed on the fi rst day of the month and that loan repayments are made at the end of the month. Big Als plans to exercise the option on the leased production equipment in March (as described in Part Seven). The purchase price on the equipment will be $153,450, with payments of $3,260.36 per month. Big Als also plans on expanding the existing production space in May at a cost of $200,000. Big Als would like to fi nance the expansion out of current earnings and so will use the line of credit, if necessary, in May. The expansion will cause fi xed manufacturing overhead to increase by $10,000 per month, starting in May. Required: A. Prepare a cash receipts budget for year 3, assuming estimated sales of 385,000 meat pizzas and 30,000 veggie pizzas and the following monthly distribution of sales.January 8.3% July 8.5% February 9.2 August 9.8 March 10.3 September 7.5 April 7.6 October 9.1 May 8.0 November 7.2 June 6.9 December 7.6Direct material costs per unit are $.74 per meat pizza and $.62 per veggie pizza. Direct labor costs are $2.51 per meat pizza and $2.78 per veggie pizza. Monthly fi xed selling and administrative costs are $15,300, while monthly fi xed manufacturing overhead is $2,851. The variable overhead cost is $.55 per pizza. The sales price for veggie pizzas is $5.25 per pizza and the sales price for meat pizzas is $5.00. B. Prepare a cash disbursements budget for the year. C. Prepare a summary cash budget for the year, showing any borrowing and repayment of debt with interest. Discuss Big Als ability to repay the expansion loan. Include a discussion of the feasibility of the project. Include qualitative factors to be considered. D. What if the sales forecast was increased by 50 percent? What impact does that have on the budget, and what is the potential impact on the company?

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