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What is Elite writers?

Elite writers is an online writing service that helps students with their academic writing purposes. The range of services it renders includes writing of the custom essay, dissertation, research, and team paper, as well as an admission essay. In addition to writing, the Elite writers team can help its customers with rewriting, editing, and proofreading.

Is Elite writers legit?

The question of is Elite writers reliable is obvious, as the Internet is full of quite controversial reviews about this platform. After a thorough analysis of the services Elite writers renders, the customers can be 100% sure it is legit and operates in accordance with legislation.

How much do Elite writers cost?

The Elite writers pricing starts with 12.99$ per page. The cost of the paper depends on many factors such as type of essay, deadline, number of pages, etc., and is calculated individually based on each particular order.

Is Elite writers a scam?

Elite writers is not a scam. The service team takes care of the protection of your money and personal data. All the payments are performed through their system which prevents fraud.

Talking about the quality of the work, it 100% depends on the author the customer chooses. It may not always be as good as you have expected. In case you are not satisfied with the essay written by Elite writers, you should contact customer support to resolve the situation.

Is Elite writers safe?


Elite writers never reveal personal and transaction information of its users to any third parties. Also, it pursues the policy of the refund in case the customer’s assignment has been of poor quality or delivered with a delay.

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The Elite writers admins state that their service follows plagiarism-free principles, which means that all the works are totally unique and written from scratch.

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Are intelligence and aptitude test scores mostly genetically determined

In your post, consider the nurture/nature debate as applied to intelligence and aptitude tests. Are intelligence and aptitude test scores mostly genetically determined, or are they mostly environmentally determined? What are the implications for education practice and policy if these abilities are mostly genetically determined? What are the implications if they are mostly environmentally determined? Please be sure to refer to the APA Code of Ethics in your post.

The Nature of Human Intelligence

One of the challenges of developing a measure of human intelligence is to decide on a coherent theoretical basis. What are the important aspects of intelligence that can and should be measured? Do the existing tests predict academic and career success? Contemporary intelligence theorist Robert Sternberg (2014) held that IQ tests only measure one type of intelligence: a formal type of analytic ability needed to perform well academically. This includes indicators such as verbal ability, reasoning ability, and logic. An individual might succeed academically, but may be less able to flexibly adapt to novel and changing demands when applying his or her knowledge, an activity that requires creative, imaginative thinking. Sternberg (2014) also identifies a practical, interactive social knowledge he identifies as “tacit learning,” which is the knowledge that is not formally taught in school, but is necessary for career success. For example, a geology professor could be extremely knowledgeable in his or her subject field, but to be a successful professor, he or she needs to acquire other information, such as how to obtain grants, attain good course evaluations, and understand and navigate department and college politics.

Sternberg (2014) identifies all three of these types of intelligence as necessary, useful, and indicative of very different kinds of knowledge, and he devised an intelligence test to measure these three types of intelligence. However, when his test was subjected to factor analysis (a statistical procedure that looks for clusters within data), only a single factor of general intelligence was found, suggesting his three types are not as distinct from one another as he believed, at least as measured by his test.


One of the implications of the nurture/nature debate about intelligence is whether it can be modified. One position is that intelligence is mostly genetically determined, implying that an individual is born with a fixed amount of it: Either one has it or one does not. This argument is often used as a reason to deny funding to compensatory education programs, such as Head Start; it is claimed that the cost is not justified because ability cannot be modified or enhanced.

As a counterpoint, one researcher, Richard Nisbett (2009), believes that the genetic basis for intelligence has been greatly overstated and in his book Intelligence and How to Get It, he describes cultural, social, and economic factors that can be modified. One such factor is the frequency and manner in which parents talk to their young children. Those whose parents frequently ask them questions that elicit thinking, such as “What sound does a cow make?” are much more prepared for the formal learning demands of school.

Another researcher, Carol Dweck (2007), states that an individual’s personal theory of intelligence itself can determine his or her success. In her book Mindset, she describes two types of attributions children make about their intellectual ability: Some children see themselves as having a fixed amount of intelligence—if they answer questions quickly and correctly, or if learning comes easily to them, that means they are smart. However, given that premise, if they are not successful or do not learn immediately, they conclude that they must be dumb. Children with this “fixed” mindset avoid challenges and lose motivation quickly when they encounter setbacks. In contrast, a child with a “growth” mindset does not equate success or failure with how smart they are and will persist with the task, focusing on effort or different strategies. Both Nisbett and Dweck conclude that one way to increase intelligence is to increase persistence and motivation by reinforcing effort rather than “smartness.” To draw a parallel—a fixed mindset is analogous to the genetic viewpoint, whereas a growth mindset resembles the environmental viewpoint. These attitudes and attributions about intelligence are not measured by IQ tests, yet have large implications for academic attainment.


Dweck, C. (2007). Mindset: The new psychology of success. New York, NY: Random House.

Nisbett, R. L. (2009). Intelligence and how to get it: Why schools and cultures count. New York, NY: W. W. Norton.

Sternberg, R. (2014). Intelligence as trait- and state? Journal of Intelligence, 2(1), 143-144.

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Custom Writing Service

Welcome to Elitewriters for custom writing service – here you will find the solution to all of your writing needs. Our services are unparalleled. You will receive a customized and original assignment of the finest quality every time you place an order! We have lots to offer, so please navigate our site to become familiar with all of the custom writing services, the quality, and the guarantees we provide.

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Custom Writing Service to means Your essayist starts from scratch. Plagiarized work is unacceptable. We demand originality from our college essay writers, and they deliver only authentic and original papers to you. This is 100% guaranteed! If your final draft is not what you expected, we will revise it immediately and every piece that we produce and deliver to a customer will follow the same process:

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  2. As the piece of writing is in the process, it is common for the writer to contact the client for clarification or with questions. This is just part of our process of ensuring that every order is produced exactly as it has been requested. This is part of how we ensure the best custom writing service at!

  3. Once the order is completed, the customer is notified and asked to review the final draft before giving final approval. Again, we have to be certain that the piece is exactly as ordered.

  4.  If during the review of the final draft, a client should find any problem, s/he need only notify us, and we will revise accordingly.

The goal at is 100% customer satisfaction, and we will do whatever is necessary to achieve that!

The Importance of Using Custom Writing Services

Many people immediately think of college academic writers when they hear the words “custom writing service,” and it’s true that model essays, term papers, and dissertations are an important component of the custom-writing business, but not the only one. Custom writers help students to develop their academic writing skills by demonstrating the best way to approach an essay from an academic perspective. But they also provide key services beyond college essay and term paper writing, including:

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  • Speeches, letters, and other communications.
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Custom papers written from scratch

All custom papers are prepared by qualified writers according to your instructions and, therefore, exclude any chance of plagiarism. We have a large staff of academic writers, including native speakers from the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Thus, we can quickly find the most suitable one for your specific order.

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