200 research paper topics: Ideas to get started (2020)

research paper topics

Every university student writes a research paper which is often stressful and overwhelming. The worst part is getting through different research paper topics to find the best and most suitable one. Here are a variety of subjects with distinctive topics to pick and create quality and plagiarized-free research papers. Besides, below is a guide to develop the best research paper topics in your discipline.

Guide to Creating Good Research Paper Topics

Find your Field of Interest

Over the years, different topics have been exhausted in nearly all subjects; therefore, settling on a particular topic can be challenging. The ideal method of creating the right research question is initially choosing an area that you are passionate about. Thereafter, narrow down to most specific topics that interest you most.

Generate Research Paper Ideas

With the topic, utilize your knowledge, skills, and time to learn about decisive ideas on how to handle the topic. Consult further from your peers and other relevant groups and resources to learn about the topic.

Explore References

Check different sites and the library database to find references that cover your topic whether you have research paper topics for English to other languages. Besides, some tutors recommend students to write a thesis statement

Categories of Top Research Paper Topics 2020

Having good topics for a research paper often leads to finest and eye-catching contents. Read on to familiarize yourself with different themes from different subjects.

Research Paper Topics on Technology

  1. What are the impacts of smartphones on the lives of children?
  2. Are machines becoming a replacement for the human workforce?
  3. How will artificial intelligence change the world?
  4. What are the most effective approaches to live without being impacted by the setbacks of technology?
  5. Are smart cities, smart cars, and intelligent homes suitable for living without changing our ways of living?
  6. Is the advancement of technology over the years leading us the right way?

Research Paper Topics Criminal Justice

  1. Do laws governing police brutality ignored with the current supervising bodies?
  2. Are supreme courts becoming the lead justice systems to battle the injustice cases experienced today?
  3. Does the United States have flaws in its legal system?
  4. Which countries have unreliable legal systems?
  5. How do personal injury cases solved when insurance companies fail to compensate victims?
  6. Are rulings for different prisoners in correctional facilities fair?

Research Topics in Education

  1. What are some of the benefits of student-centered learning in the education system?
  2. How does the education system in different countries differ?
  3. Are there effective anti-bullying programs to protect students against discrimination?
  4. When to determine areas of interest for students and educate them on what they are passionate about?
  5. Is FERPA have any impact on the education system?
  6. How the traditional education system differs from the current system?

Government Research Paper Topics

  1. Is the legalization of marijuana in different states have any benefits to the general population?
  2. Do juvenile punishments proven to be adequate to prevent future crimes from individuals associated?
  3. What is the government’s contribution to creating domestic jobs for the unemployed?
  4. Immigration policies have been reformed over the years. Does this mean anything to the migration department?
  5. Analyze the censored approach the government uses to determine the population of the country.
  6. Discuss the roles of the president of the united states.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Why are adoption rights for single parents so strict?
  2. Evaluate the impacts of steroids to athletes in the sporting world.
  3. Does immigration improve the economy of the country or lead to more devastating consequences?
  4. What are some of the most effective methods to prevent cyberbullying?
  5. How does communism define the global political system?
  6. Has social media brought more harm to society than benefits?

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  1. Is it immoral to kill and eat birds and animals?
  2. Why families need to spend more time together during holidays
  3. Male athletes have a higher probability of being injured than their female colleagues.
  4. How computer science is becoming the most valued academic subject nowadays
  5. Discuss considerations of why we should stop selling weapons to other countries.
  6. Living in cities is expensive and disadvantageous than residing in less populated areas.

History Research Paper Topics

  1. Debate the historical disagreements between Israel and the Palestinians
  2. What led to the fall of the Roman Empire?
  3. Which countries benefited the most during ancient wars around the globe?
  4. How did the Germany population suffer under the rule of Adolf Hitler?
  5. What is the history behind the Soviet Union in the 90s?
  6. How did colonizers manage to rule different countries around the world?

Research Paper Topics Science

  1. Why are instances of natural disasters becoming prevalent and more severe than before?
  2. How do the successes and failures of NASA affect scientific studies?
  3. Discuss how allergies have of nuts and fruits happen
  4. What are the key factors that cause peculiar frequency abnormalities?
  5. Why does rainwater in areas close to industries considered acidic?
  6. What are the severe consequences of global climate change on natural resources?

US History Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the most significant historical predominant events in North America?
  2. Did the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln change the country and Civil War events?
  3. Discuss the successes and failures of the women’s suffrage movement in the US
  4. What are the specific inventions that changed the history of the United States?
  5. What is the history behind the black population in the US?
  6. Evaluate the historical division of states in US

Research Paper Topics on Social Media

  1. Evaluate the methods in place to protect children against the impacts of social media
  2. Who are the world-class social media influencers?
  3. Discuss strategic approaches to protect yourself against social media addiction.
  4. How does social media help to connect with friends and family around the world?
  5. Is there any value to post everything online?
  6. Has the social media met its primary goal in connecting people?

Easy Research Paper Topics

When you search research paper topics high school, you are likely to find your preferred essay;

  1. Why some sports are more popular than others
  2. Is classical music having better influence and teachings to the current generation than modern music?
  3. What are the benefits of teamwork in class and working areas?
  4. What is anime, and what makes is more popular around the world?
  5. How would be the world today if different discoveries were not made?
  6. Are children secure handling pets on their own?

Bottom Line

Learning different research paper topics provides you with insights to earn a better grade on any given subject. Whether you need research paper topics college or high school, this guide gives you an idea on how to write a research paper successfully.

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Essay Format – MLA, APA& Chicago-Complete Guide

essay format

Plagiarized-free and flawless content is not enough to describe an academic essay. A complete piece requires a specific format to earn you better grades to graduate successfully. If you have limited knowledge about any particular essay format, this article will help you understand it all-round. With essays available in four distinct formats; MLA, APA, Chicago, and ASA Standard, we will look at each separately.

Basic Structure of an Essay; Parts of an Essay


The introduction is the lead guide that motivates the reader to keep reading the content of the paper. Typically, introductions begin with a quote, question, or analogy followed by the background of the topic.

Thesis Statement

The essay format outline incorporates a thesis statement that summarizes specific ideas, limits of the topic, and the general structure of the essay. The report acts as a precise summary that explains the content, main points, and approaches in the paper.


All main points presented at the thesis statement are supported here with definitive and detailed information. Whether it is persuasive or argumentative essay format, all the ideas are tied here in the form of paragraphs.


The essay should have a smooth flow of ideas connected from the thesis and throughout the body. This connection is made possible by transitions between paragraphs of the entire paper. Besides, topic sentences serve as transitions, especially for informative essay format assignments.


Most papers integrate citations derived from different sources and resources, such as books and websites. In any academic essay format, authors must provide an in-text citation inform of references, work cited, or bibliography.

Conclusive Paragraphs

A scholarship essay format is designated complete when paragraphs support each other from the beginning to the end. Notably, the first sentence is often the topic sentence followed by supporting details.  The last sentence concludes the paragraph and provides the final remarks.

MLA Essay Format

Essays written in MLA format follow a unique path, unlike other academic paper structures. The MLA format essay heading is often on the first page but lacks a title page. If you are wondering how to cite an essay in MLA format, the citation is done similar to other essay formats. the following structure is needed for an MLA essay format;

  • Font should be 12pt written in New Times Roman for a valid essay format MLA
  • It should be double-spaced with no extra spaces throughout the paper
  • The heading should include student’s and teacher’s name, date of submission and class
  • Margins should be one-inch on the top, bottom, right and left
  • Page numbers should appear on every page as a “header” together with the name
  • A proper MLA format title is centered and above the first line with the same font size of the entire essay

Essay Format APA

APA is the most common college essay format hence crucial for university students. This essay structure has an almost similar layout to MLA. However, the APA format title page is used here. Features of APA essay format include;

  • Font of 12pt written in New Times Roman
  • Double-spaced in the entire body without any other spacing including paragraph spacing
  • One-inched margins on all sides
  • A title page with the title, name of the author and institution affiliation, among other information such as course title and date
  • Page numbers are included at left-top with headers being shortened title of the essay

Chicago Essay Format

Unlike the APA and MLA essay formats, the Chicago paper structure require precise sources of the origin of the content. Citations and footnotes are also included in this style while retaining the standard format of your personal essay format. The form consists of;

  • A title page that is well-spaced with the title being double-spaced, the name centered in the middle and course number, teacher’s name and date at the bottom
  • One-inch margins on all sides except the right
  • The entire essay should be double-spaced without any additional spaces
  • The font remains 12pts and written in New Times Roman
  • The title page is not numbered, but the entire essay is numbered on the top right corner.
  • Chicago essay format requires footnotes on paraphrased and quoted phrases.
  • A bibliography

ASA Standard Essay Format

This is an excellent option for persuasive essay format when working on a philosophy research paper. It has a standard font size of 12 written in New Times Roman text, double-spaced content, and a one-inch margin. However, it differs in numbering, where the first page is numbered in Arabic and flushed left. It also includes a running head written in capital letters, flushed right, and less than 50 characters.

How to Write an Essay

Choose Your Topic

It is advisable to choose a specific and precise topic that you can explore and complete your paper with ease. Avoid too broad and too narrow topics, which are often the biggest mistake students make.

Collect Your Materials

Organize yourself by collecting relevant data needed for your essay, more so that which touches the topic. Pick out resources and inquire from your peers to understand the subject better.

Sketch and Determine Your Format

Whether you need an informative essay format or any other structure, here is where to check what your tutor needs. Sketch your work to make it easy when writing, as you can use it as your guide when creating your content.

Write Your Paper

With all the materials at hand, the draft in place, and resources selected, you are now ready to write your paper. Take your time putting the words down while checking your outline to ensure you are on the right track.

Bottom Line

Whichever essay format you choose to write, your paper should be appropriately arranged while including all the parts needed. However, your teacher may request a given format to use; hence, understanding each writing style is vital.

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