Assignment for Dance Appreciation Class

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This is a very short assignment for my Dance Appreciation Class. The instructions are below. The reading is also attached below along with the link to the video. The reading is only 3 pages long and the video is a little over 3 minutes.

In a 300 word minimum post, discuss your reaction to the Deidre Skylar’s reading, “5 Premises for the Culturally Sensitive Approach to Dance”, and the Haka funeral video. What experiences have you had with movement that reflects or counters Skylar’s perspective? In order to answer this question, consider all three of the following points:

  • Think about how movement is used in rituals, liturgies, ceremonies, or celebrations that are important to you or that you have witnessed in the lives of others. You could also consider other ways in which movement is used to reaffirm or reinforce a “common social sentiment” discussed in the Lecture: Dance and Religion (Slide 3) such as walking across the stage for graduation.
  • What are the important gestures, postures, and/or movements, in your example/s and how do the elements of dance embody the meaning behind the movement and reflect the cultural values of the people who participate?
  • As important as rituals are, that doesn’t make them static; rituals change and evolve as culture changes. Are there any new rituals emerging or are any traditional rituals losing their potency (like the Hawaiian Hula which used to be a sacred, spiritual dance but is now a social or entertainment dance)?

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