Assignment 1

I need help with a Management question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

  • Minimum of 3+ pages, double-spaced, Font 12
  • APA not required, but a minimum of 5 References is required

It is your parents’ (or grandparents, if you wish) XYZ-year wedding anniversary, and you want to buy them a 5-day vacation. You have a budget of $3,000.00

But where? Domestic or overseas? Flight or cruise?

Revise the first lecture in the Module and the second lecture in the Module.

Then, start planning! Search, research, analyze and compare, and plan a 5-day vacation for your parents. Things to keep in mind:

Think about your parents: psychographically, how would you describe them?

Think about what they would need, and what they would want: can you deliver both? (ex.: rest & relaxation / romance & adventure)

Document and explain the entire process that took you from start (“I need to plan a 5-day vacation for my parents’ anniversary), including searches, websites, advertisements, videos, reviews, etc. that led you to the ‘finish line’.

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