argumentative essay 114

Topic: violence is, of course a major theme in the book ” A long Way Gone”– physical, psychological, social, and otherwise. indeed, some of the more violent passages in this book make for very difficult if not unsettling reading. in your essay discuss how violence is used in the book. what points is ishmael making by telling about the violent things the rebels did and the atrocities that he and his fellow soldiers commit? what is the meaning of violence? to what end or purpose does it serve? basically discuss how violence works in the book to make important points about war/life/survival/humanity.

1. Introduction with a clear thesis

2. three body paragraphs (or more) with multiple details/examples/sentences of development with at least one direct quotation per body paragraph

3. conclusion that brings the essay to a satisfying close

4. clear prompt and thesis, including a Hook.

5. include direct quotations

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