Applied Questions : Prepare, in a non-prose format , a comprehensive answer to the following three questions. (2X30 marks). Each answer should be no…

Applied Questions: Prepare, in a non-prose format,  a comprehensive answer to the following three questions. (2X30 marks). Each answer should be no more 1 ½ pages.

  • Outline a set of ten (10) specific competencies for any formal position on a management negotiation team. Please describe in the one sentence the specific competency and provide one specific & concrete example of how the person would use the competency during the collective bargaining process. 

You have just been hired as the Labour Relations Coordinator at a public sector organization. Today, your manager has just informed you that the next round of collective bargaining with the union begins on August 12, 2016. She has asked you to put together a
comprehensive planning document for the CB process. She wants to see all work tasks, work tasks assigned to people (positions), resources needed to complete tasks and time lines.  She suggests that you prepare this planning document in a chart/table/schematic format.You have been asked to speak at a meeting of HR Labour Relations specialists. Your topic is “What are the top ten principles of negotiating collective agreements? Using a format of your choice, outline your ten principles and the rationale as to why each one is important.  

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