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At what point in an intimate relationship do you believe that self-disclosure is appropriate? What are the benefits or potential problems associated with disclosing too early? Or waiting too long? Make sure you think outside of the box, this is a Psychology class, this question is not just geared towards how many people you may have been intermate with, but what else could be meant by self disclosure? Remember to cite. Respond to 2 posts from other classmates.

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Margarita Torres

T. Addison, Instr.

PSYC11 Chapter 7 Discussion 1

To be honest every relationship varies. It depends on what type of sexual relationship it is. Let me explain. Sometimes there are those types of sexual relationships that it is only about the sex. No personal information is exchanged between the two. They may talk and tell each other how they like certain sexual acts but that’s about it.

But then there are those one relationships that you actually talk for hours upon hours. Your conversations range from, “How was your day?” to your sexual fantasies. And that can be even before sex.

You can not really put a time clock on a relationship or when is the right time to self disclose. Like I said above one relationship no personal information is exchanged well another all you do is talk. A lot depends on how comfortable you feel with each other. I know this is probably not the answer they were looking for. But speaking from experience I have had a variety of different relationships.

The potential with self disclosure to early is the other person can get scared off. And if it is to late, then they can get tired of waiting. There are different levels of intimacy also. Intimacy does not always mean a sexual relationship. Because people have been known to get intimate with people online. At times it is easier to self disclose with a total stranger. But there are a lot of dangers that can follow. It is better not to give a person online personal information. For example like your address, bank accounts, or credit cards. You may think you know who your talking too but in reality they can be catfishing you.


Gabriel Cisneros
Professor Anderson
Bio/Psych 11
27 January 2020
Chapter 7
Is there really such a thing as a perfect or the right time to talk about self-disclosure id argue that there is not. It’s all about opinion when you should she speak up with your partner. If I was to chose for myself id have to say it is when I feel like I would enjoy to continue the intimate relationship for a much longer time which would benefit me to speak up about it as soon as I come to that realization that this was not going to be short term. Fear of the negativity that may be shown in return is a potential problem. An example could be if a person rather enjoyed the oral servicing of the anus and chose to disclosure and the partner finds that to be rather disgusting it could end the intimate relationship. A potential benefit would be that they also enjoy that service but have been scared to express themselves. leading to both sides to get what they want and reach more frequent orgasms (Derlego et al., 1993; Hendrick & Hendrick, 1992).

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