Anatomy Assignment

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This semester, we will follow some aspects of the lives of Matt and Maria:

One month ago, Matt woke up early as usual, but by the time he got dressed, ate breakfast, and walked to his class, he was aware of an excruciating headache. Maria convinced him to stay home for the day. Over the next several hours, he experienced slurred speech, right-sided weakness, and difficulty walking. When he attempted to walk to the bathroom, he stumbled a few times and fell once. Maria called 911. Emergency personnel arrived within minutes of her call and transported Matt to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. Fortunately, he made it to a hospital before he became unresponsive or died.

Matt was hospitalized for three days. There he received anticoagulants and blood pressure medication with monitoring, a CT scan, supplemental oxygen, and cardiac monitoring.

For the next month, Matt was grateful to be at home. He stayed in bed while Maria brought him meals and helped him with his studies. Doctors told him that his “stroke” was caused by high blood pressure, something he was unaware that he had. They gave him blood pressure medication and told him to take it easy.


  1. Draw a diagram of the heart of a human adult. Show the circulation of the blood through the heart and to and from the body and the lungs.
  2. What are some of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease that may have contributed to Matt’s stroke?
  3. What are the two types of CVA? Which type do you think caused Matt’s CVA? Explain your answer.
  4. Why is high blood pressure called the “silent killer”?
  5. What changes would you expect to find in Matt’s heart after years of untreated high blood pressure?
  6. Explain why his high blood pressure caused these changes.

All reports will be worth 4% of your grade and will be 5 points each. In order to successfully earn all 5 points you will need to:

1. Answer all questions thoroughly and completely.

2. Use at LEAST 3 references (can include information from the Primal website as a source).

3. Give credit to all sources used- citing correctly and PARAPHRASING any information taken from an outside source. Please do not copy and paste any information, even if you cite the source. Your report will be submitted through Turnitin and will allow us to see what sources were used and the exact information you took from that source- BE CAREFUL!

4. Must have a minimum of 500 words and can be in essay form OR question and answer form. (500 words not including the topic/questions given)

5. Must be turned in at 11.59 PM on the date it is due. PLEASE avoid turning in your report close to the 11.59 PM deadline. There have been many issues with submissions in the past due to high volume of students submitting at the same time. Late assignments will be deducted 2.5 points.

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