An Introduction to Developmental Psychopathology

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In 2–3 pages, explain the developmental psychopathology metatheory as you currently understand it. Explain which aspects of this work, specifically, you think are important for mental health practitioners such as yourself to consider when developing a theory of practice. Relate these to the differences in treating those across the lifespan, as applicable. Make sure to cite your sources for this information.

Drabick, D. A. G., & Kendall, P. C. (2010). Developmental psychopathology and the diagnosis of mental health problems among youth. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 17(4), 272–280.

Tupper, D. E. (2017). Neuropsychological disorders across the lifespan: Overview and implications. Psychiatric Annals, 47(5), 272–279. (Please take note of Table 1.)

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