All of the CEOs associated with merger-intensive strategies ( Jean-Marie Messier at Vivendi Universal, Fred Goodwin t Royal Bank of Scotland, Bernie

  • All of the CEOs associated with   merger-intensive strategies ( Jean-Marie Messier at Vivendi Universal, Fred  Goodwin t Royal Bank of Scotland, Bernie Ebbers at WorldCom, Steve Case at AOL,  Ed Whitacre at AT&T, Jeff Kindler at Pfizer, and Ivan Seidenberg at  Verizon) have been male. Does this reflect the predominance of men among the  ranks of CEOs, or is there something inherently masculine about the pursuit of  growth through merger.

** USING Contemporary strategy text**

1 Running head: MALE GENERATION Male GenerationStudent’s NameInstitution 2 MALE GENERATIONMale GenerationIt is critical to note that every person who has been included in merger formation is…

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