Alice Johnson is materials and distribution manager for Global Olympic Enterprises. She is responsible for all transportation, distribution,…

Including the opportunity cost of capital? 3.Fully outline the arrangements would you suggest to ensure the product’s safe arrival (packaging, insurance & government partnerships with respect to security, TDG? What other government departments are involved? 4.Research the most appropriate routes and all modes that will be used in each case and outline them on a map. What criteria other than cost would you recommend she consider to justify your decision on mode(s)? 5.Explain which mode(s), INCOterm and transportation payment terms would you recommend for Global. Justify your answer. Complete the accompanied ICC Model Contract for the transaction and explain your decisions in it. Append the completed contract to your paper.

6.Outline all documentation would needed to support the transaction and ensure she gets  paid.  Please complete full price (estimated) quotation and a full set of relevant documents and append them to the report

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