Abstract and outline Instructions (title page included)

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Abstract and outline Instructions

The assignment is to submit the following:

1. Submit your title page with any corrections based on feedback from the previous assignment.Submit a rough draft of an abstract for the final paper on p. 2.

The abstract is a summary of what you cover in your paper; this differs from the introduction. Center the Abstract heading (do not bold) on p. 2. The abstract is one paragraph, not indented, double-spaced, with no direct quotes or citations. Do not include any information that requires a citation.The abstract is between 150-250 words. It should be in past or present tense, not future tense. Do not use personal language (I, me, we, my, for example) in the abstract.The abstract should be alone on page 2.All academic papers should be written in Times New Roman 12 point font.The abstract may and likely will change when you write the final paper.Because your abstract is a summary of what your paper covers, the information in your abstract will match what you have in your outline.

2. Submit a tentative outline for your paper on p. 3.Carefully review the instructions for the final paper, as you will find a lot of specific information for organizing your paper. Note that your final paper will have three main sections (Cultural Awareness, Counseling Approach, and Religious and Spiritual Application). For your outline, think about what will be relevant for you to include in each section based on your paper culture and counseling topic. Your outline should be approximately ½ to 1 page.Include enough detail to show that you have thought about what will be important to cover in your paper.

Submit the title page, abstract, and the outline as one Word document by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Week/Module 3.

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