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1. You are looking at a 1-year loan of $1,001. If the quoted interest is 10% plus 1 points, what rate would you actually paying for this loan?

2. If an investment policy pays you $20,019 per year forever and you require 7.7% p.a. return on this investment, how much will you pay for this policy?

3. If you get a 4.5% 30-year mortgage of $200,000 today, what is the monthly payment?

4. An insurance company is offering a new policy to its customers. Typically, the policy is bought by a parent or grandparent for a child at the child’s birth. The details of the policy are as follows: The purchaser (say, the parent) makes the following six payments to the insurance company: First birthday: $920 Second birthday:920 Third birthday: 1020 Fourth birthday: 1020 Fifth birthday: 1,120 Sixth birthday: 1,120 After the child’s sixth birthday, no more payments are made. When the child reaches age 65, he or she receives $430,000. The relevant interest rate is 12 percent for the first 6 years and 7 percent for all subsequent years. What is the value of the policy at the child’s 65th birthday?

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