a) Prepare journal entries for each of the following transactions b) Post to general ledger c) Prepare preliminary (initial) trial balance d) Prepare…

a) Prepare journal entries for each of the following transactionsb) Post to general ledgerc) Prepare preliminary (initial) trial balanced) Prepare any adjusting journal entriese) Prepared adjusted trial balancef) Prepare an income statement, statement of retained earnings and balance sheet in good formg) Prepare closing entriesh) Prepare post-closing trial balanceApril 1st – Investment by owners $200,000April 2nd – Company purchased supplies on account for $10,000April 5th – Purchased equipment for cash $30,000April 6th – Provided servics for cash $20,000April 10th – Paid $5,000 for salaries and wagesApril 11th – Purchased office equipment for $8,000 and financed the purchase signing a 5% note.April 15th – Purchased land for cash to be used in the business for $25,000April 16th – Purchased a delivery van for $18,000 cashApril 18th – Provided services on account $100,000April 20th – Paid for 12 -month insurance policy in advance $3,600April 20th – To record monies received in advance for services to be rendered $15,000April 21st – Purchased a building for $250,000 to be used in the business signing a 30 year fixed-rate mortgageApril 30th – Recorded interest payable of $4,000 (adjusting entry)April 30th – Recorded adjusting entry for $4,000 depreciation on building (adjusting entry)April 30th – Recorded the expiration of one-month’s insurance that was prepaid in transaction 1 above

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