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5.2 Peter is a teacher at primary school. In his spare time he keeps bees and sells the honey he produces at local country fairs. At one such fair he was allowing potential customers to sample his honey. The stall became very attractive to some nearby wasps, and, in trying to keep the wasps away, Peter was stung. With a few minutes he collapsed with obvious severe breathing problems and a generalized rash.

a. What is the most likely cause of Peter’s collapse?

b. How should he be treated?

5.3 Jane is a 24-year-old student studying a PhD. Her first two years went well and she was hard-working and dedicated. In the last year, however, her attendance at university declined and her work suffered. Her supervisor was worried about her constant tiredness and weight gain, and, although the university is well heated, Jane was always complaining about the cold. Her supervisor advised her to consult her physician who notices that Jane has a goiter.

a. What is the likely cause of Jane’s tiredness?

b. What clinical tests are appropriate to Jane?


1. Which one of the following statements is CORRECT?

a) Rheumatoid factor is only present in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

b) All patients with rheumatoid arthritis have rheumatoid factor.

c) Antibodies to double stranded DNA are diagnostic for SLE.

d) Graves disease is characterized by antibodies to the acetylcholine receptor.

e) Goodpasture’s disease is a systemic disorder.

2. State whether the following statements are TRUE or are FALSE.

a) Bruton’s agammaglobulinemia is an autosomal recessive condition.

b) Complement deficiencies result in increased neisserial infections.

c) Deficiencies in T cells cause an increased susceptibility to viral infections.

d) T cell deficiencies are corrected with infusions of plasma.

e) Immunodeficiency may lead to increased risk of some cancers.

3. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?

a) In autoimmune disease generally, more women than men are affected.

b) Transient hypogammaglobulinemia refers to a brief antibody deficiency in pregnant women.

c) Deficiencies of C9 are asymptomatic.

d) The classical pathway for complement action depends on the presence of antibodies.

e) In SCID, B lymphocyte levels may be normal or decreased.

  • List three ways in which the body prevents autoimmune reactions.

5. Arrange the following two lists into their most appropriate pairings

Selective IgA deficiency Is due to IgE

Farmer’s lung Is caused by T lymphocytes

Chediak Higashi disease May be asymptomatic

Anaphylactic shock Affects melanocytes

Delayed hypersensitivity Is caused by immune complexes

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