52 weeks Summary Appointments Appointments served: 565 $55,932.00 Appointments not served : 2 $474.00 Total Paid appointments: 567 $56,406.00 Bank…

52 weeks Summary


Appointments served:              565                 $55,932.00

Appointments not served :          2                  $474.00

Total Paid appointments:        567                  $56,406.00

Bank Transaction Summary:

Collections for Appointments Booked:

Number of Appointments Booked : 566

Deposited to CycleTO #234-567-12 :  $50,564.70

WebWonder 10% Fee  :                           $5,618.30

Collected by WebWonder:                     $56,183.00

 WebWonder is an online platform that collects online payments from customers and for this it charges a 10% of the revenue. The above are what were given in a summary. Can someone help explain the account entries that are needed and this page in general?

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