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This week, you read a lot about why Risk Management programs are really centered around the concept of communication. There are many requirements of organizations regarding how to communicate, and what needs to be communicated. For this assignment, I want you to explore the communication about an organization, and the impact it has on the facility.

I want you to pick a local hospital or hospital system, and search for their publicly reported metrics and communication about the organization (HCAHPS, Leapfrog, Hospital Compare, etc.). Discuss what you found, and tell me if this is what you expected. How does this facility compare to others in the area? What impact does the information that you found have on the organization related to financials, and future referrals? Finally, discuss what risk management needs to focus on so that they can improve the information about the organization, and prevent medical errors in the future.

Use 2 external sources other than your text to support your work.

Your submission should be 500-700 words.

Please submit an APA formatted Word document with the following information to this Dropbox by the designated deadline:

  • Title Page
  • Running header
  • Properly formatted reference section
  • Please see the sample paper to understand how your submission should be formatted
  • Save your document as hsa4502_MOD2_last name. Example: hsa4502_MOD2_smith.
  • View Assignment Rubric

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