5 to 6 pages research paper (APA style)

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Topic – Research paper on current literature to compare the project management methods


1. Abstract –

2. Background (describes/includes)- What am i researching, what area i am covering/focusing etc (basically set up of the paper).

3. Issues (describes/includes) – What i read, what’s going on, concern etc.

4. Insights and implications (describes/includes) – Why it is significant, what have we learned from it, how to solve the problems, what will happen if it’s not solved etc.

5. Conclusion


SOURCE – Research current literature to compare the project management methods:

  • Describing the advantages and disadvantages of Waterfall, Agile (Scrum), and the Agile derivative Sashimi project management approaches.
  • Describing the concept of how several project management approaches can be merged (or not) into a cohesive approach that blends together the best practices of Waterfall and Agile.
  • Identifying what types of situations might several approaches be merged into one approach.
  • Describing the management roadblocks that might result from trying to introduce Scrum into an existing organization that primarily uses a Waterfall approach.

Using research literature findings, address what you found to be the usual roadblocks to implementing a new project management approach in an organization. Additionally, your paper should discuss which methodology works best in which type of environment, and why? From your research, identify how, and why one method was used over another. Provide specific examples from your research.

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