453 What is your theory regarding the unemployment differences across sex and race? Why do women and minorities receive less pay on average than men?…

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Page 453

  1. What is your theory regarding the unemployment differences across sex and race?
  2. Why do women and minorities receive less pay on average than men? What might the federal government do to even the pay rates, and should it act at all?
  3. What can your college or university do to change these figures?

Page 455

  1. How clean should the air and water be in order to be declared “clean”?
  2. How can the federal government protect the environment without hurting industry and creating unemployment when dirty factories must close?
  3. What can citizens do to improve the environment through their own actions?

Page 456

  1. IS RED a form of economic policy and, if so, why? Does it stimulate purchasing that would not have taken place otherwise?
  2. Does it matter that corporations make profits by joining RED? Why would a corporation want to participate in the program, and does its motivation matter as long as it contributes its share to RED?
  3. IS RED the best way that citizens can help the world fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria?

Page 459

  1. Besides the economy, why might citizens in some countries have greater problems getting access to basic necessities such as food, health care, and clothing?
  2. Does this lack of access have an impact on trust in government and other measures of citizen participation? What is the effect of hunger and poverty on how citizens think of other freedoms?
  3. Why do many Americans lack access to basic necessities? Are you surprised?

Page 467

  1. Should the federal government promote social values such as marriage?
  2. How is promoting marriage similar to and different from other federal programs such as its campaign to stop smoking?
  3. Why is marriage considered a way to reduce poverty? Are there other or better ways to achieve the same goal?

Page 476 leave blank for me to fill in

Page 476 short essay

  1. Describe the federal government’s economic policy making role and how economic performance is measured, then distinguish between fiscal and monetary policy as ways to deal with economic crises such as inflation and unemployment.

Page 482

  1. Should colleges divest unethical investments even if doing so cost money that could support students?
  2. How can a college know when it is making an unethical investment? Are broad policies that prohibits such investments enforceable?
  3. How can students make sure that their colleges take action on issues such as Darfur? What kinds of political participation might work on your campus?

Page 496

  1. What may explain the large percentages of minority soldiers in the military?
  2. What may explain the much smaller percentages of women in the military?
  3. Should the military represent all groups in society? Should combat soldiers be equally representative?

Page 499

  1. Why was rebuilding Europe so important to the United States?
  2. How is this kind of soft power being used today around the world?
  3. Should the United States spend money helping other nations free themselves from tyranny even if their new governments are hostile to U.S. allies such as Israel?

Page 489

  1. Why are less developed countries more supportive of international trade, and should they be so favorable?
  2. What are the advantages of international trade in creating peaceful relations around the world?
  3. How can trade damage a developing nation?

Page 504 Short Essay

  1. Analyze the questions and responses that shape approaches to U.S. foreign policy and defense. Write a short essay on the differences between realism and idealism, isolationism and internationalism, unilateralism and multilateralism, preemption and provocation, and hard power and soft power


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The book ISBN# 978-0-205-88400-1 or 0-205-95006-X Government by the people.

Multiple questions IIIPage 453Q1. Although there are calls for equal treatment of races and gender, disparities are still evident.It is the reason why some races such as African Americans face…

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