3 5 page research paper mla format

  1. (the topic of my research paper is on how college athletes should be paid and bring up the amount of money college athletes earn for the school)
  2. Choose subject with which you can write a 3-5 page researched essay. Ideally, this subject should be something that you already know something about and have a strong opinion about. The purpose of this paper will be for you to write a persuasive essay in which present an argument about this topic to your reader. You should NOT write an informative essay in which you just tell your reader about the general subject. Also, please ask for more information if you are not entirely clear about what I mean when I say that this essay should be argumentative. It is NOT like the sort of research paper you have done where you choose a subject, do a lot of reading about it, and then create a document where all you really do is repeat that information. In an argumentative essay, the whole point of the essay is something that YOU are trying to prove or show about the subject and the only reason that the research is there is to provide support for YOUR ideas…. Not the other way around.
  3. Decide on a thesis/direction/focus for your essay. How will you analyze this subject for your reader? What will you focus on in your essay? What do you intend to show/prove to your reader about this subject? Make sure that this focus is as narrow as you can make it. Trying to take in a huge subject often leads to focusing too much on the information and not on YOUR argument. Your final draft should use a minimum of three outside peer reviewed sources. Additionally, all internet sources and all reference sources used will count as ONE source for the calculation of this minimum number. You may use as many of these as you would like to, but they will all collectively count as ONE source. (The only exception to this rule about internet sources is this: if you find an internet version of something that originally appeared in print, you may count it as a print source.) I want you to look for sources that are both authoritative/trustworthy as well as academically sound. Before you choose to use a source, ask yourself: can I trust that this person writing this source really is an expert? What makes them someone that I would call on for support in my argument? Sometimes the answer to these questions has to do with the place that the article is published. Sometimes it has to do with the credentials of the author. Always try to use sources that you can trust. That makes your argument much more compelling.

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