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1,500–1,750 words in Excel spreadsheet You have selected your project team members from different disciplines (nuclear scientists, engineers, technologists, and regulatory experts) to work with you on the project risk management plan. Before you can start developing your risk management plan, you first need to perform a risk analysis, and create a probability and impact matrix. This matrix uses a weighting system to rate and measure project risks by organizing it in a chart using a three-point estimate. You will be performing a risk probability and impact assessment to help you plan risk responses for these risks in the coming weeks, so it’s important to agree on them now. Create a risk probability and impact matrix by listing those risks that you think are appropriate for Project X. The matrix should include the following: Description of the risk External risks Internal risks Budget risks Schedule risks Resource risks Quality risks Categorize them according to your knowledge of risks and their probability and impact to the project. Develop a weighting system to help you rate risk levels (measure), utilizing the three-point estimate to assign risk probability and impact. If you have made assumptions about the project, include them at the top or bottom of the template. Identify at least 12–15 risks for this matrix.Optional Information: Level/Year: 3Subject: Project Risk Management

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