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You are panning a fundraiser for the cancer foundation. You will need 50 volunteers that will do a large variety of tasks from marketing to setting up the event,taking tickets ,and actually helping to plan the events components and some will have larger tasks and Some are day of so you need different approaches for different type of volunteers.below are the four areas are all important in managing volunteers

Answering this questions

1.What are 3 different ways you can recruit volunteers and why do you think each of these would be successful or important as a part of your overall recruitment strategy?

2.what are two questions you will Ask why to access where each volunteer can be best placed?

3.In addition to thanking them ,and providing a letter or a certificate of appreciation what are three other things you will you do during the process of planning the event (before the day of the event ) and or following the event ( after the day of the event ) and to ensure the volunteers have a good experience and why ? These ideas cannot be implemented on event day

4.post event you will be asking the volunteers about their experience what are the two questions you will ask and why

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